Hey, did you know that Jason Schwartzman was starring in a new NBC show called Yo Teach, about a teacher with a big heart who goes all Stand and Deliver/Dangerous Minds-like on the inner-city troublemakers in his class? I'm lying, of course -- Schwartzman isn't starring in any real TV show; instead, this is just a taste of the first piece of viral marketing for Judd Apatow's Funny People, which, because it stars actors playing popular actors, is filled with all sorts of fake movies and TV shows, like Yo Teach. (Read about some of the fake movies within the movie.)

Funny People stars Adam Sandler as a comedian-turned-crappy high concept actor who mentors a younger up-and-coming comedian (Seth Rogen), all while struggling to beat cancer and win back the girl (Leslie Mann) that got away. Jason Schwartzman stars as one of Rogen's pals, an egocentric TV actor. So far two clips from Yo Teach have arrived online, with one being a behind-the-scenes look and the other a straight-up scene that features YouTube comedian/songwriter Bo Burnham, who Apatow is a fan of. One expects tons more viral stuff to hit prior to the release of Funny People on July 31(which is currently sporting a two and a half hour runtime, apparently), so stay tuned.

And you know what? I think I'd actually watch this show if it was real. It's lame, sure, but I dig it for some reason. What say you?

[via The Playlist]