As you've undoubtedly heard, Blockbuster is in serious financial trouble ... I don't know that a lot of us cinephiles care since we were all driven to Netflix , Hulu and The Autuers for very specific reasons. But hey, people do rely on Blockbuster, and I'd rather people rent movies through them than never see them at all, and it's kind of handy to have it nearby so that you can finally rent Quantum of Solace after months of a Very Long Wait. It would be nice if they hung in there.

But now that they've unveiled their master plan of salvation, you probably shouldn't hold your breath. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Blockbuster plans to rescue themselves by selling movie merchandise. Some of their plans include stocking replicas of Men in Black and Top Gun sunglasses along with "a slew of other items," which hopefully include equally hot pieces of movie swag like Field of Dreams cracker jack and Jurassic Park baseball hats.

How this differs from their current business plan is perplexing since Blockbuster has always sold movie merchandise in their stores. Or at least they've always hoped to sell it, as it's usually too broken and greasy to interest discerning buyers. (In fact, that's how I came to own a little stuffed Hidalgo -- he was too cute and clean to leave to the ravages of their shelves.) And in these tough economic times, your business plan shouldn't rely on hoping people buy a t-shirt or poster from you, it should be on providing the home entertainment people are relying on. Unfortunately, Blockbuster lost sight of that a long time ago.