Honestly, if we left the horror film off our 1-10 poll list this weekend, I would've heard complaints from the entire Cinematical staff -- most of whom were just smitten with Sam Raimi's latest creeptacular. Which is why we had to include it, along with Up, even though the latter will probably do better at the box office this weekend. Hopefully Raimi can take all the great buzz from this film and inject it into the next Spider-Man installment. Guess we'll see ...

From Peter's review: "Raimi has made a joyful romp through his personal horror playground and come up with a very entertaining horror-comedy that gets back to the basics. By that I mean creepy shadows on the wall and things that go bump in the night: all the odd, unexplained sights and sounds that keep anxious children awake at night, hiding under the covers. Any inkling that Raimi's soul might have been irretrievably chewed up by the Hollywood studio machinery -- a well-founded concern after the disappointing Spider-Man 3 -- quickly evaporates once the story gets underway."

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