Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the game that'll totally give you a good buzz minus the annoying hangover. Last week we asked you to spit up some captions for a photo from the new Pixar movie, Up -- and not only did you come through with some fantastic (and hilarious) captions, but you made our narrowing down of the winners list a very hard chore. But we had to make the tough decisions, and so congrats to those of you who found the strength, courage and determination to make it into the much sought-after winner's circle, where the balloons are colorful and the ice cream is on the house.

1. "Look at the bright side -- how often do you get the opportunity to pee on three states ... at the same time??" -- Andrew T.

2. "And that was the day Carl decided to quit drinking." -- Kurt P.

3. "I think I just earned my 'Crapped My Pants' badge." -- Michael S.

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This week we're moving away from the family-friendly stuff, and getting our buzz on with a film that's poised to become the breakout comedy of the summer. Though The Hangover -- which follows three groomsmen searching for their friend, the groom, after a hardcore bachelor party in Vegas -- isn't due in theaters until June 5, that doesn't mean we can't start partying now. That said, the folks behind our three favorite captions this week will stumble away with one The Hangover ladies' Forever Wedding Chapel tank top, one The Hangover Next Level men's Forever Wedding Chapel T-shirt, one The Hangover hat with bottle opener, one photo mug, one door hanger and one The Hangover CD soundtrack that includes hilarious performances from Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis, plus "Candy Shop" by Dan Finnerty and The Dan Band. You know what comes next ...

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