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A live-action Wonder Woman movie has been in some stage of development for a long time now, ever since Joss Whedon was real close to making it a reality. Recent rumors have suggested that Warner Bros. is still interested in finding a way to bring the character to the big screen in order to eventually incorporate her into a Justice League film, but execs are taking their time with the property to make sure they get it right. At some point in the past year -- while the Wonder Woman news had been quite scarce -- someone decided to create a fan made WW poster with Megan Fox decked out in the superhero's classic costume. This, of course, led to rumors that the high-in-demand actress might be suiting up for her first solo superhero flick, though nothing ever came of it and Fox moved from Transformers to Jonah Hex and Fathom.

Now, though, according to statements she made to Times Online, it would appear as if Fox will never ever play Wonder Woman simply because she thinks the character is, well, lame. Says Fox, "Wonder Woman is a lame superhero. She flies around in her invisible jet and her weaponry is a lasso that makes you tell the truth. I just don't get it. Somebody has a big challenge on their hands whoever takes that role but I don't want to do it." The Times Online also claims Fox turned down the chance to take over for Angelina Jolie in the Tomb Raider series, so don't expect to hear her name associated with that re-invented franchise either. For now she's just doing her thing.

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