Bradley Cooper is heading into what could be the best summer of his life. On June 5, the man heretofore known as the jerky boyfriend in 'Wedding Crashers' hits theaters in the R-rated Vegas bachelor party comedy 'The Hangover' -- a film with so much good buzz that a sequel's already in the works.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg for the 34-year-old actor: He's also rumored to be the top contender to play the titular superhero in 'The Green Lantern' (though in response to this possibility he simply says, "I don't know") and the notoriously good-looking "Face" in the upcoming 'A-Team' movie.

In an exclusive interview, Cooper dishes on going blow-for-comedy-blow with Mike Tyson, flirting with Julia Roberts on a plane ... and having a naked man's junk shoved in his face.
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