It's been almost two years since Nickelodeon exec Albert Hecht nabbed the rights to Tom Swift, primed to guide the long-time adventurer's first trip to the big screen. And it sounded like a good plan -- kid adventurers are all the rage these days, and there are few notable icons left that haven't gotten the feature treatment. But that development never went anywhere, and now there's a new spin on the horizon (one that will still have him involved as producer). Variety reports that Columbia Pictures has picked up a pitch by veteran Barry Sonnenfeld and newcomer BenDavid Grabinski called Swift, which the Men in Black director plans to helm.

As is usually the case during the early stages of a production, they're not saying much about what this first trip to the screen will entail, other than this "version would feature Swift as one-half of a father-son team who are among the greatest inventors of all time." In other words, a version that basically follows the classic story started in 1910, with a bigger father-son kick.

It's not every day that a project gets its first movie 100 years after first hitting the stands, and I have a feeling that this little project will look anything but dated. Considering the wildness of Men in Black, I'm expecting some pretty impressive inventor mania. But is this the right time? Has Swift avoided cinema for good reason, or was he just waiting for a 21st century reveal? Are you ready for big-screen Swift?
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