Okay, so with the holiday weekend (and it being Friday), there's not a whole lot going on in the world of movies -- hence two Fan Made posts in one day. But I dig this kind of stuff, and I know you do too, which is why it should be okay for me to shove this little gem up your cinematic nose. Cinematical reader Matthew Belinkie is always creating some wacky movie-related video on YouTube and then sending them over to us. He's the guy responsible for The Dark Bailout and Indy Shot First, two of our personal favorites. Well Matthew's back, and this time he's created an original monster ballad with a Terminator theme, and even if the production quality ain't the greatest, giant kudos go out to Matthew for some pretty hilarious lyrics and acting on the part of his buddy Mark Lee (who I'd totally toss my vote for the next American Idol).

We've posted the video below and the lyrics after the jump (so you can sing along; I did). Enjoy! (p.s. Whaddya think -- was this better than Terminator Salvation?) (p.p.s. Matthew, if Michael Bay directed Terminator Salvation, this song would totally play over the credit scroll.)

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