Terminator Salvation has been in theaters for over a week now, and it seems to have already been largely forgotten. Remember how much we looked forward to seeing it? It was a little like those similarly heady days, way back in March, when we were eager to see Watchmen. Ah, we were all so young then.

Despite the long summer days that have passed, I find myself still pondering Salvation. But I'm not thinking about the waste of a perfectly good Christian Bale, or continuing to boggle over the sadly inept action sequences. To be honest, I willed myself to forget most of it as soon as I was in the car. It seemed kinder to just let it go.

No, what I can't get over is how dead stupid SkyNet turned out to be. The evil, all-powerful threat to humanity that James Cameron introduced in 1984 turns out, in the fourth movie, to be a huge, incompetent boob who can be beaten with a tool belt and a lucky shot fired at a coolant line.

Seriously? That's your mechanized threat to all mankind? I can't get over it. It was just so ... silly.

(Please note that spoilers follow. Serious spoilers. Like, not just descriptions of things that happen in the movie but spoilers. Thank you.)

Back in 1970, there was a tidy little B-movie called Colossus: The Forbin Project. Based on a novel by D.F. Jones, the plot focused on a Cold War supercomputer, designed to control all of the U.S. and Allied nuclear weapons systems, which becomes sentient. Coincidentally, the Soviets have built a similar computer called Guardian -- and when Colossus and Guardian become aware of each other, they decide to join forces and tell humanity to shove off.

At the end of the film, Colossus announces that he/it is now ruler of the world. And there's not a damn thing we can do about it.
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