We sincerely hope you're enjoying Memorial Day -- eating BBQ, attending a parade, watching some movie marathon on network television and cursing every time a commercial comes on. After all, that's what long holiday weekends are all about! But if for some reason you're spending the day cruising around online, then here's a funny little video for you to watch. IGN cut up their own trailer mash-up for a film they're calling The Transforminators, which is part Terminator, part Transformers and part hilarious randomness. Watch as John Connor fights machines, then fights even more machines while Shia LaBeouf turns into a machine, and, um, yeah -- it's all over the place. Pretty funny stuff; the Connor voiceover is solid ("It was bad enough when we were fighting the Terminators. But then the Transformers came. Now we just call them the Transforminators.") and I dug the way they worked in Christian Bale's crazy on-set tirade. Good on you IGN! Check it out below over on IGN.
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