What in the name of the Cyberdyne Systems Corporation is that thing!? Get ready mom and dad, because there's a good chance your little one might want to dress up as a lethal robotic killing machine this Halloween (how darling!) -- and thankfully the good folks over at Toys-Я-Us are there to make sure things go smoothly for you, for us and, most importantly, the children under the age of 13 who really shouldn't be seeing the film anyway. Yup, the giant toy store is currently selling this fantabulous children's Terminator Salvation costume for the T600, which is the dirty, bulky, slow-moving robot predominantly featured in the new film. The T600 is the model that came right before Arnold Schwarzenegger's classic T800 version.

The T600 ain't the prettiest (as you can obviously see from the image above), but she'll get you from point A to point B while still managing to kill every human being in between. From the Toys-Я-Us website: "Become a part of the action with your very own role play costume! He's big. He's bad. He's unstoppable. Great for role-playing and makes a perfect Halloween costume. Scare your cat and freak your little sister out! Includes mask and vest."

Great for role-playing? You do know the robot's sole purpose is to destroy humans, right? But, sure, blame the video games and the rappers for everything, right? I don't know, I give up. Check out larger images of the costume in the gallery below. Stay tuned for our Terminator Salvationreview later on tonight.

[via Geekologie]
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