For all those boys and girls out there who've always wanted to suck on ... um ... Daniel Craig's six-pack abs, we've got great news for you: The food company Del Monte asked 1,000 British women to vote on which celebrity they deem worthy enough to appear as a delicious ice pop, and the current James Bond star won. Thus, for a very limited time (now through June 7), you can pick up one of these limited-edition Daniel Craig pops and do whatever it is you'd like to do to it (we don't want to know). The catch? They're only being sold in England. Sorry ladies (and men) from wherever it is in the world you live that isn't England. Click the image below to view the entire pop.

How creepy is this popsicle, though? I mean, I imagine some ladies (and men) might find some sort of bizarre pleasure in the Daniel Craig pop, even though it sort of looks like they froze the poor actor in carbonite. If these were being sold in America, would any of you buy one? And what if they did this with a popular actress like, say, Megan Fox -- would folks suddenly cry sexism? Would there be marches and protests and round-the-clock CNN coverage? Probably. Guess that's why this publicity stunt remained way on the other side of the Atlantic.

[via The Frisky]
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