50 Cent has been racking up the gigs lately, grabbing everything from Jekyll and Hyde to a sports drama called The Dance. And now he's got a new gig with upcoming action wunderman Chris Klein. Variety reports that he, Klein, Adam Rodriguez, and Richard T. Jones are starring in a new corrupt cop drama called Caught in the Crossfire, which newcomer Brian Miller wrote, and is currently directing in Grand Rapids.

The story follows two homicide detectives who get stuck in a mess between a gang-related homicide and some dirty cops. 50 Cent will play "a gang-banger who becomes a reluctant informant" -- not surprising, and certainly not a stretch for him. There's no word on the rest, however, but I'm guessing that Chris Klein will play one of the cops ... perhaps a corrupt cop to rival his "Razzie-worthy" Interpol agent in Street Fighter? The guy is definitely trying to up his tough cred, but will he ever be able to rise beyond the ashes of his sex-obsessed innocent cherubs from American Pie and Election?

Probably not, but he might have a future gig in tourism. In the clip below, local news visits the set and talks to the actors and director, who rave all over the place about the wonders of Grand Rapids. Klein, for one, overtly praises the area with a PR-laced straight and seemingly genuine face. At least he has that going for him. If not, once this tough-guy thing comes to an end he could probably go back to his schtick and get a gig as Finn's older brother on Glee.

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