Sam Worthington was just about everyone's favorite thing in Terminator: Salvation, and he's gone from "That guy we don't really know who keeps getting cast in big movies" to "Sam Worthington might really be the next big thing." The part that might make or break him is his upcoming turn as Perseus in Louis Leterrier's remake of Clash of the Titans. Luck is on his side, because going Greco-Roman with a sword did do wonders for Russell Crowe, Gerard Butler, Ray Stevenson and Kevin McKidd. (Some of them may not exactly be A-List, but they're doing all right.)

With that, here's your first look at Worthington as Perseus, courtesy of Slashfilm (and probably hailing from the pages of Empire). Not surprisingly, it looks a lot like Gladiator and 300 because it has to. It's a little known fact that the classical world was grainy, blood-splattered, and seen through the shaky cam lens. Whatever else you've seen onscreen, whatever your history professors told you, this is actually what the ancient world looked like. It may have even been lived against green screen, though that remains a matter of scholarly debate.

All joking aside, he does cut a striking figure. Considering all the Tweets I've seen with his name on them, he'll have plenty of ladies going just for the armor.

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