'Barbella' (1968)Robert Rodriguez remaking a campy 60s sci-fi flick is one thing, but Robert Luketic? Robert Luketic, the man who perpetrated Monster-in-Law? The director of Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!? That's the guy they want to redo Roger Vadim's 1968 Barbarella? Well, that's the rumor reported by Starpulse, who claim that "the project has been saved" by Luketic.

As Monika Bartyzel recapped last month, Robert Rodriguez wanted a big budget to fulfill his big dreams, and Universal balked at the budget. German financiers offered him $70 million but wanted the production in Europe, and Rodriguez balked at spending all that time away from his children. So no Rodriguez, no Rose McGowan -- the perfect choice for the character -- no modern take on Barbarella, the role in which Jane Fonda thrilled teenage boys everywhere with her slinky sexiness.

What would another Robert do with the project? The Australian Luketic famously debuted as a director with Legally Blonde, a frothy comedy that boosted the fortunes of Reese Witherspoon, and more recently made the flashy 21, which grossed more than $150 million worldwide. Here's an out-of-left-field thought: what if he cast Kate Bosworth as the erotic, leather-clad heroine? The two first worked together in Tad Hamilton before reuniting for 21. While we wait for the rumor to be confirmed or denied, who would you cast as Barbarella?

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