It's not just an act. John Krasinski is easily one of the nicest, most humble actors working in Hollywood. In other words, the real John Krasinski is a short jump from Jim Halpert, the lovable everyman he's portrayed for five years on TV's 'The Office.'

Still, Krasinski's transition from small screen to big hasn't been a cakewalk. His first two starring roles, in the rom-com 'License to Wed' and George Clooney's gridiron flick 'Leatherheads,' were for the most part, critical and box office busts.

Fans will be happy to know the actor turns out his best film yet with 'Away We Go,' a quirky relationship dramedy starring Krasinski and Maya Rudolph as a couple prepping for the birth of their first child. Krasinski told us his take on fame, sex scenes with Rudolph ... and how his life may be one elaborate Clooney prank.
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