Well, this looks like fun. I really like Duncan Jones' directorial debut Moon -- coming soon to a discerning theater near you! -- but I really like submarine movies. Who doesn't? Only fools.

Jones -- a commercial vet, and David Bowie's son! Did you know that? I totally didn't know that. Next you'll be telling me Freddie Mercury begat Sofia Coppola -- will be moving on to Escape from the Deep, the true story of a World War II submarine that trapped itself at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, 180 feet below the surface, where it proceeded to be assaulted by enemy charges.

I'm pretty sure Escape from the Deep will rule, as I'm not sure I've ever disliked a submarine movie. Das Boot? Duh. Crimson Tide? Yeah. The Hunt for Red October? Gimme gimme gimme. Those are non-controversial. How about: U-571? Yep, McConaughey be damned. K-19: The Widowmaker? Never understood the widespread dislike for that terrifically suspenseful little action flick. And if you want to go a bit more obscure, try the underseen Below.

And spawn of Bowie or no, Jones is a talented chap. Moon is terrific science-fiction, in a confined space, on a shoestring budget -- and that's hard. Oh, and here's to hoping Jones is able to recruit Clint Mansell for both Escape from the Deep, and his other new project, the sci-fi thriller Mute. If you want to get a sense of Mansell's typically awesome work on Moon, give this trailer a look and listen. Suffice it to say the score is a large part of the reason I can't wait to see the movie again.