It looks like Dan Aykroyd better work fast if he wants to get Alyssa Milano in the upcoming Ghostbusters sequel -- she's starting to line up the feature gigs. Following her horror stint in Pathology, The Hollywood Reporter posts that Milano is grabbing a rom-com. She'll star and produce My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, which might sound like a sexuality-bending role for the actress, but really it's just typical. She'll play a woman who meets two perfect men and must decide between them. One (played by Christopher Gorham) is a struggling novelist, while the other (Michael Landes) is an ad exec. Where the girlfriend fits in is anyone's guess. However, the pic does have Beau Bridges and Carol Kane in additional roles, so there's that going for it.

Meanwhile, remembering the tough women I was asking for? We're getting at least one on the big screens soon with Elisabeth Shue. TMZ posted a snap of her shooting Piranha 3-D, and as you can see above, she's sporting some rather impressive pipes these days. They should do a good job against those flesh-hungry fish, or at least provide them with some good muscle to chew on. It's just a waste that it's just for a niche film remake. But could this mean -- maybe just maybe -- a possible future as an action heroine? It would be a waste for those pipes to be forgotten once Piranha is done filming, and we already know she has the acting chops to go with it.
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