I'm not going to review UP because it would be the umpteenth review you've read in a handful of days, and it's not as though I'm going to be the one sour lemon of the bunch. Please. It's PIXAR. Hating one of their films is like hating your own mom.

But I think UP is more than a fantastic movie. I think it might go down as an important moment of animation, storytelling, film making, and even this nebulous thing called "geekdom." That's a lot to put on its helium-hoisted shoulders, I'll grant you, but the reaction surrounding the film isn't something I've seen from any PIXAR effort yet. This is something special, and my first thought when the credits rolled was "This wasn't for kids. PIXAR has grown up ... and this movie makes me cry because I've grown up."

I'm starting to see their films as the story of fandom, geekdom, and the painful march into true adulthood. I'm not saying it's an overt theme, but just a gentle interpretation that begins with Toy Story, a movie that's very much about being a kid, the thrill of having the newest and the best, and the fear of being uncool and left out. It's childhood. It's the purity of fandom, which sets the stage for the darker side of Toy Story 2. If Toy Story remembers how wonderful it is to see Star Wars for the first time, the sequel reminds you of how seductive and destructive nostalgia can be. This is the darker side of fandom, not only in its damning picture of the basement dwelling collector, but in its portrayal of those who would do anything to bottle up childhood. It's about being so obsessed with something that you would hermetically seal yourself. (Wait, did The 40 Year Old Virgin rip off Toy Story 2?)
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