Okay... Did you know that there's another Macbeth movie in the works, one other than Terrence Howard's modernized version in the Caribbean? And that it is taking an even more surprising spin on William Shakespeare's classic? And it stars the most excellent Anthony Stewart Head of Buffy and Repo fame (as Duncan, not Macbeth)?

Apparently this project has been in the works for eons (here's news about it in 2006, with no mention of the futuristic angle). But as excellent as it sounds to have Head play Duncan as "a spitting, cigar-chomping criminal leader, with a soft Glaswegian accent that can turn in an instant from warm and affectionate to fatally menacing," the pic is in trouble. Sure, that's obvious from the fact that it's been three years and nothing, but that's not all.

SciFi Wire reports that reshoots are needed, and Head doesn't seem to keen to continue. See, he's filming the upcoming TV series Merlin, and says that when he learned about the extra shots needed, he thought: "Well, you kind of had me when you had me. I'm shooting in France. I can't really do it." The actor goes on to discuss the unique futuristic spin merged with a "fairly amateur film," so I'm betting Head won't be heading back to Macbeth unless he just so happens to have some time free.

But maybe it'll all work out, or at least I can hope -- it'd be nice to see more Head on the big screen, especially in an innovative Shakespearian format. Do you agree, or do you hope he just stays wrapped in the magic of Merlin?
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