A new cinematic trailer for the upcoming MMO game Star Wars: The Old Republic just arrived online, and, well, where the hell is this Star Wars movie!? This one trailer is more exciting than any of the prequels in my opinion, and it features characters I'd love to know more about. Set long before the days of Darth Vader, the trailer gives us our first look at the historic Sacking of Coruscant, which occurred at the end of the Great Galactic War (read more about it on Wookieepedia). What I want to know is who is this dude Lord Angral? In the trailer, he looks like Darth Vader's cooler cousin -- a villain on par with someone like Darth Maul; sinister, agile and definitely not the type of guy you want to meet down a dark alley. Check out the trailer below and a full description after the jump.

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