So you're looking to propose to the woman of your dreams, but you don't feel like chucking a boring old diamond on her hand. Well, you could take a cue from this dude, who created an Optimus Prime ring out of 14 karat gold. Not bad, huh? It took 50 hours to make from start to finish, and all we have to say is ... take that Michael Jordan and your one thousand world champion rings. From the description on deviantART: "A 14k custom piece. 50 hours from start to finish. Didnt want to put in the rubies but he wanted them. Originally I had carved the triangle eye sockets but it got wiped out with the setting of the stones. I molded it to make some without stones (stones optional)."

There's only one ring I need to rule the galaxy, though unfortunately it's not for sale. Oh well. Ms. Megan Fox, I shall propose to you some other day. Check out more images over here.
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