'Total Recall'Go ahead and get that "AARGHHH!!!!" out of your system now. You'll feel better. (I have done so as well.) The remake that our own Eugene Novikov refused to believe a few short months ago is now moving forward. Total Recall will receive a "contemporized adaptation," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Kurt Wimmer has been hired to write the script, which may or may not be based on "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale," the Philip K. Dick story that inspired the original.

THR notes Wimmer's recent scripts for the upcoming thrillers Law Abiding Citizen and Salt, but the more pertinent credits are the ones he earned as writer / director of Equilibrium and Ultraviolet, which provided action thrills in science-fictional settings. If you harbor any hopes for this project, you can only dream that Wimmer can come up with something more closely resembling Equilibrium, a trashy yet entirely entertaining little surprise, rather than the flat, anemic, entirely incoherent Ultraviolet.

Beyond the "weird and scary and totally singular" elements that Eugene rhapsodized about previously, don't forget the juicy cast (Ah-nuld, Michael Ironside, Ronny Cox, Sharon Stone, Rachel Ticotin). Then there's the whole go-for-broke / super-violent / cheesy-but-we-don't-care / 70s B-picture vibe that was infused by director Paul Verhoeven. In today's environment, that wouldn't fly. I shudder to think of of a rote, toothless, PG-13 action pic that has state-of-the-art special effects but abuses Dick's clever concept and ignores Verhoeven's funky / chic artistic aesthetic. However, to paraphrase Smokey the Bear, "only YOU can prevent remakes" by not going to see them.

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