We don't know much about Avatar at the moment, except that it's supposed to be the greatest film in the history of the world times twelve ... and in 3D! Though no one has really seen anything (save for a couple pieces of concept art and behind-the-scenes boringness), somehow James Cameron's latest film has reached epic-like buzz -- which, of course, is exciting for those of us who love movies, but it's also a little bit unnerving. I hate when films attract too much buzz before even the tiniest bit of footage is released. It's dangerous and could be disastrous. Considering Cameron's awesome track record, though, let's assume we're getting a pretty kickass flick this winter.

Signs of that being true are written all over these latest images from the E3 convention out in Las Vegas. Collider managed to snag these pics of what's being called the Heavy Loader from Avatar (the 3D video game was what was on display). It sorta resembles Ripley's power loader suit from Aliens on steroids. Hmm ... Power Loader, Heavy Loader ... wouldn't it be the coolest thing ever if Cameron somehow surprised us all and Avatar turned out to be in some way related to the Alien movie universe and mythology. Hey, 20th Cetury Fox owns the film rights and Cameron directed Aliens ...so ... maybe? You never know.

Check out two pics below, as well as some more concept art from the Avatar 3D video game at E3.

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