We all remember the wacky sci-fi flick Total Recallstarring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a construction worker who decides to take a virtual vacation to Mars by way of memory implants and, in turn, learns that he's really a secret agent who was given fake memories when the government viewed him as a threat. Armed with this new information, our hero then heads out to find the person(s) responsible for it all. It was a fun movie, featured a young (and hot) Sharon Stone and a whole bunch of Red Planet action.

Now, though, Variety says a remake is officially in full swing, with Kurt Wimmer (Salt, Law Abiding Citizen) set to write the script, which will be "a contemporized adaptation of the science fiction saga based on the Philip K. Dick story "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale." The remake has been in the works since earlier this year, but so far there's no talk of star or director. That's where you come in: Who should replace Arnold in the remake? Sam Worthington is the hottest up-and-coming action star of the moment, so why not him? Here's our only question, though: Does the girl with the three boobs get to make a triumphant return, too?

Discuss: Who Should Replace Arnold in the 'Total Recall' Remake?
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