Josh Brolin's Jonah Hexmake-up has been a closely guarded secret, more so than Megan Fox in her prostitute get-up, but it looks like a spy might have finally caught him down in the Big Easy. We have to stress that these photos are unofficial, obtained from an unnamed source, and appeared on a gossip blog. They may be taken down by Warner Bros, who has been anxious to keep the film under tight wraps and embargo. The photos of Megan Fox weren't taken down, but a pretty girl in a corset is a lot less spoilery than a sight of Brolin in full Jonah Hex gear.

Assuming they're left up for you to enjoy, these are some great, spooky looking shots of Brolin in character. If you're a fan of the eerie cowboy, you can't help but get excited at how well the actor pulls it all off. He looks great (you have to love that Eastwoodesqe sneer), and I'm very glad they left him in his Confederate uniform. Using Confederate costumes and flags can be a rather dicey thing, but it's also a historical reality and a neccessary part of Jonah's character, so I'm glad they've stayed authentic.

[via I'm Not Obsessed]

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