The Shakespeare adaptations, they just keep a-coming! On the heels of twoKing Learpics, two wildre-dos of Macbeth, and Julie Taymor taking on The Tempest, Catherine Hardwicke has decided to jump on the bardwagon ... now that she's done with those PG vampires. Luckily, she's not crazy enough to take on Taymor and make it three dueling adaptations. The Hollywood Reporter posts that she'll helm a modern take on Hamlet, with Emile Hirsch starring.

It seems that Hirsch helped conceive the idea, which Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia scribe) will adapt, taking the themes of Hamlet and throwing them into contemporary America (again). Young Hamlet will have to decide whether he should kill his uncle and avenge his father's death. In other words, it sounds just like Ethan Hawke's Hamlet without the corporate intrigue. Milk producers Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen are whipping this up, and they say their "goal is to present the story as a suspense thriller. We want to make it exciting and accessible for an audience today." Taking into account Hardwicke's track record, I wonder -- all-age thriller, or Hamlet for the teen girl crowd?
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