'Dinosaur Hunters: Secrets of the Gobi Desert'When real scientists watch Will Ferrell taunting dinosaurs in the trailers for Land of the Lost, I wonder who they're rooting for? Speaking of real scientists, SnagFilms has made a doc available that provides a pretty good look at the trials and tribulations of a true-life field expedition.

Dinosaur Hunters: Secrets of the Gobi Desert follows scientists from the American Museum of Natural History in New York as they head to the "sun-scorched badlands" of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. They are retracing the steps of a famed expedition led by American paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews in 1922, who made a discovery that "stunned the world": fossilized dinosaur eggs. Of perhaps even more interest to movie fans, he discovered the first evidence of a dinosaur he called an ovoraptor, later and more popularly known as velociraptor. (Hello, Jurassic Park!) Andrews became a national hero.