'Watchmen' on Blu-ray -- UK EditionBlimey! Will the Brits get to watch more Watchmen than the rest of us? A two-disc Special Edition Blu-ray will be released in the UK by Paramount Home Entertainment, featuring a stack of content that will not be available in the edition coming from Warner Home Video, according to The Blu-Ray Blog.

Even before the theatrical release in March, Zack Snyder was teasing fans about the director's cut he had prepared, which he said would run 190 minutes -- 27 minutes longer than the theatrical version -- and be "considerably more violent ... and sexier." The North American edition will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on July 21, featuring the director's cut, two featurettes, and two BD-exclusive features, along with a digital copy of the theatrical version. A single-disc DVD edition will also be available, without all the features.

The UK edition releases on July 27, evidently with only the theatrical cut, plus two featurettes (one of which is a BD-exclusive on the North American edition), plus 11 video journals (webisodes) and four viral videos. As The Blu-Ray Blog points out, neither of these editions includes the rumored "final complete cut," which would presumably feature the 25-minute animated Tales of the Black Freighter. Also, neither has the 37-minute, live-action / interview piece Under the Hood. For now, the only way to see Black Freighter and Hood is to buy the separate DVD or Blu-ray. Here in the States, you can also buy a pretty cool Blu-ray Nite Owl Ship Edition exclusively through Amazon (see images below).

Based on my feelings about the film, I'm inclined to play the waiting game. No doubt a complete collector's edition will be announced eventually ... right after you finally break down and buy all these separate editions.

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