Last year, Michael Douglas boarded Peter Hyams' Beyond a Reasonable Doubt,a remake of the 1956 Fritz Lang classic. It's fallen off the radar a little bit, and taken some time to get a release date, but here it is. The trailer is online in glorious Quicktime over at Apple, and the film is set to hit theaters on September 11, 2009.

I'm ashamed to say I've never seen the original, and unfortunately it doesn't seem to be available on Netflix, so I'll have no basis for comparison for awhile. I'm not against a remake neccessarily, and the story lends itself to an update, particularly as fates can be sealed on a shred or two of DNA. (How you could fake that kind of thing though, that's tough to say.) But I'm afraid I'm not getting a very good feeling off the trailer. I want to say that it's purely because the trailer is cut as though it's an '80s action film rather than a tense courtroom thriller, an odd marketing choice considering they evoked Saul Bass with the poster design. I'll continue to hope it's a taunt thriller, and not just slick and youth driven. I can't help but think Jesse Metcalfe and Amber Tamblyn are just far too young to be a reporter and an assistant D.A., respectively.