For a while it looked like Unstoppable was, indeed, stoppable. Martin Campbell was prepping the project in 2007, and then the project slipped into the void of development hell. But now the train is back on track, Tony Scott is leading the rush, and he's grabbed Denzel Washington and Captain James T. Kirk.

While chatting with Washington, MTV learned about Chris Pine's involvement in the upcoming action film, and just how this feature is going to shape up: "I'm going to shoot a movie in the fall called Unstoppable -- me and Tony Scott -- and Chris Pine's going to do it with us. I hope I'm not speaking out of line. I think they made a deal with him, and I'm supposed to meet him next week."

Scott has described the project as "Speed on steroids," so this should be fun, popcorn action fare. Based on an actual event, the film will focus on an engineer who teams up with a young train conductor (we presume Pine) to stop a runaway train full of toxic chemicals. Since the story has some truth to it, Scott plans to shoot it like a documentary, a la Touching the Void.

Personally, I kinda wish it was Silver Steak on steroids, but Chris Pine is no Gene Wilder, and Denzel Washington is no Richard Pryor.
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