With the assumed exception of Isla Fisher and Olive Cohen, I bet there's no one that Sacha Baron Cohen wouldn't torment with his outlandish alter egos. He's nabbed the ignorant, the rich and famous, and the less fortunate. Just the other day, he firmly planted his crotch in Eminem's face at the MTV Movie Awards. But for the most part, it's always been bruised egos and relationships in his wake -- not physical damage.

But all that's changing. TMZ reports that a woman named Richelle Olson is suing Cohen, NBC Universal, and others after suffering serious physical injuries during one of his stunts at a Bingo hall in 2007. Using the guise of a celebrity who was willing to call numbers at the hall, Cohen showed up as Bruno -- who Olson accurately describes as an "extreme, outrageous, offensive caricature of a gay man dressed in sexually revealing clothing with an Austrian accent." He used offensive language, she tried to regain control of the mic, and a struggle resulted where she was "offensively touched, pushed, and battered." This sent her into tears. She then fell unconscious, hit a concrete slab, suffered brain bleeds, and now needs a wheelchair and walker to move around. Just to make it all the worse, TMZ followed up with Bingo friends who say Olson has lost a ton of weight, looks like she's aged 20 years, and continues to fall and hurt herself further.

Unsurprisingly, there's no comment to the allegations at this time, but the turmoil does ask an important question: Just how far should Cohen be able to push the line? Or, do you think there's any line he could cross where satire becomes cruel or inappropriate?
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