Yeah, yeah, I write reviews for FEARnet, but if you think that's why I'd promote their "free movies," well, you're insane. ANYONE who wants to give out free horror flicks is due for a blog-plug from yours truly, and I'll soon be scouring the YouTubes, the Hulus, and the Crackles to see what else I can track down for all us money-strapped splat addicts.

So where was I? Oh yes, free movies on FEARnet this week include the dangerous dental double feature of The Dentist and The Dentist 2, both of which answer the question of where Corbin Bernsen went. After you rinse those out, check out Milla's zombie zapping skillz in Resident Evil AND Resident Evil: Apocalypse, or take a trip to the adorable Dance of the Dead, OR dive into the cult classic wonderfulness that is Night of the Creeps. Other options: Freaky Frontier(s), icky Infection, and crappy Christmas Evil. Note: These are the "free online" titles. The FEARnet options on your cable box may vary wildly and very bloodily.
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