Oh, Terminator Salvation. It's the sequel that tried, grabbing excellent names like Christian Bale, Helena Bonham Carter, and Anton Yelchin ... but it had so much going against it. We had already learned, after Terminator 3 came out, that Terminators without James Cameron aren't much fun at all. But now another sequel with another John Connor, all at the hands of the Charlie's Angels helmer, and it just didn't do very well at all -- disappointing numbers and an ouch-worthy 34% fresh at Rottentomatoes.

And what we all want to know is what does James Cameron think about what's happened to his beloved franchise? Well, he's not the sort of guy to be too catty, but what he said during a Q&A at the end of last month says it all. Cameron discusses how he wasn't keen on returning to Terminator after Titanic, and how he suggested that Arnold Schwarzenegger get as much money as he could for his work in the third film. When Cameron told him just how much he should ask for, Arnie said: "Really?" And Cameron's response was: "Sure, are you kidding? They're not gonna make the movie without you. That'd be stupid!" (You can hear Cameron tell the story over at Movieline.)

So, there you have it. Of course, it takes more than Arnie to make a good Terminator film, as we learned last time. And it certainly takes more than some mediocre-at-best CGI of the man to make for a good T800 this time. But hearing Cameron talk, I want to see the director finish Avatar and get back into the Cyberdyne spirit, like the anal-retentive parent who trashes their kid's haphazard school project and redoes it into a masterpiece. Father knows best ...
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