Call me a sucker and a sentimentalist, but I just couldn't help but fall madly in love with this video, which, for the sake of remaining inside our movie-related walls, felt more like a short film than a simple wedding invitation. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing simple about this invite and I guarantee that almost all of you have never received one as creative, quirky and inspiring as this (unless, that is, you're attending Corey and Rachel's wedding).

Instead of doing the usual wedding invite with ribbons, nice, expensive paper and fancy lettering, Corey McKenna decided to create this stop-motion invite that, while a tad long (just over four minutes) is a blast to watch. According to the invite, Corey and his soon-to-be bride Rachel are getting hitched on June 12 (a week from tomorrow!), so make sure you drop them a little congrats in the comments section. If this is what he put together for his wedding invite, I'd love to see what surprises he has up his sleeve for the actual wedding. Well done, sir! Good luck! (And remember ... you're always wrong.)

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