Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the game that asks you to imagine yourself winning tons of wonderful movie swag while you attempt to turn those dreams into reality. Last week we asked you to knock back a few while we toasted to Todd Phillips' new comedy The Hangoveras it stumbled its way into theaters this weekend. Congrats to our three winners! Here's hoping your captions are still funny now that we're sober.

1. "I wonder if this is how Jon and Kate got started?" -- Maddy L.

2. "I think we're supposed to walk into a bar now?" -- Zack Y.

3. "If anybody asks, I had cute babes literally hanging off of me." -- Jae Z.

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This week we're skippin' on over to the new Eddie Murphy comedy Imagine That, which stars Murphy as a down-on-his-luck financial executive who suddenly finds success through his young daughter's imaginary world of friends. (Meanwhile, all my imaginary friends do is hog the remote and drink all my beer. Yeah, thanks imagination!) The folks behind our three favorite captions this week will each walk away with one Imagine That poster. Now go forth and imagine up some funny captions for the photo below ...

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