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Our good friends at Dutch Southern have debuted another funtastic, fanboy-esque t-shirt that you'll probably want to get your slimy little paws on immediately. Their latest shirt, titled "May the Best Prequel Win", shows the characters from the Star Trek prequel and the Star Wars prequels battling it out in colorful, cartoonish fashion. From the site description: "May the Best Prequel Win. I think it already has and anyone that's seen the new Star Trek and what Lucas shoveled out into theaters between 1999-2005 knows the victor. Here's the shirt that shows the battle: Sulu vs. Darth Maul, Spock vs. Obi Wan, Chekov vs. Jar Jar, Kirk vs. Anakin, Uhuru vs. Padme, Scotty vs. General Grievous, Bones vs. Samuel L. Jackson, and the Enterprise vs. the Death Star. Get your very own. Wear it loud, wear it proud." View a larger version of the image below.

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