Is there a more important year for a girl than when she turns 16? It's the first time we start to decide what kind of woman we want to be. Now there is no shortage of examples coming at us from every side, and any girl worth her salt starts to work her way through the categories pretty quickly, right? I want to be the smart girl, the pretty girl, the popular girl; every option is open. For some of us, sweet 16 meant tiaras and coming out parties, but for me, 1991 was the year I learned that I wanted to be a bad girl.

In the summer of 1991, I was stranded in small town Florida for 3 months with little to do except hang out at the mall - you can only wander through Spencer Gifts so many times before catatonia sets in. Instead, I spent my nights at the movies. Now obviously I didn't have time to see everything, but for me; 1991 boiled down to three films: T2, Madonna's Truth or Dare, and Thelma and Louise. So what makes them so special? These were the films that opened up a world of possibilities to my sixteen year old psyche; suddenly I realized I could be a foul-mouthed Fashionista, a feminist rebel, or even a bad-ass savior of humanity.

5/3 -- One Good Cop // Rich Girl
The first week of the summer season was a particularly uneventful one. I mean, did anyone go to the movies this weekend? I will admit to watching Michael Keaton's One Good Cop on VHS, but I'm afraid I stayed home that week.