You know things are bad for the indie world when Richard flipping Linklater can't get a break. The Hollywood Reporter's Risky Biz Blog reports that Linklater's much buzzed-about script called That's What I'm Talking About has been shelved.

Those who've read the script say that it's a return to his Dazed & Confused type of material, although a little more dramatic than the school comedy. I hate to even think the thought, but I imagine it's fair to guess that this is the awesome-sounding 1980 college project that Erik blogged about in March, the one that was supposed to start production this summer. While talent scouts were already zeroing in on actors, Linklater couldn't find funding because no one wanted to fork over the cash without a distributor being in place. Wimps. A rep for Linklater says: "We still think it's very marketable. It just has to go on the shelf for now."

So no classic Linklater to look forward to, unless someone ponies up the dough, and they should, because what could make this summer better than the Link returning to the fare that made him famous?

This could've been the champion of the world.

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