OK, this is starting to annoy me. (Then again, I do annoy easily.) First we get Fast and the Furious Part 4, only it shows up as Fast and Furious, which is stupid, and now we get Final Destination 4, only when it shows up it'll be called The Final Destination, which is doubly stupid because if it opens to more than $22 million, um, there will definitely be another one. So I guess the next one will be called Final Destination 5: The New Beginning or some such nonsense.

Directed by David R. Ellis (Snakes on a Plane, Final Destination 2) and starring the smack-me gorgeous Krista Allen, THE Final Destination hits screens (in 3-D no less) on August 28. It's about ... aw, c'mon: You know what it's about. Death has a nasty grudge. Numerous creative dispatches follow. After the jump ... the trailer.

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