No longer is Land of the Lostmerely a wonderful series from the seventies with atrocious acting and laugh-worthy, unforgettable special effects. June 5th marked the new incarnation, where unintended laughs make way for scripted chuckles and big-budget effects as Will Ferrell, Danny McBride, and Anna Friel take over the series.

In honor of the remake, I couldn't help but go back to the original. Perhaps this look back is unnecessary -- out of the six reviews I've skimmed about the film thus far, only one was remotely positive. Then again, Paul Blart wasn't a mecca of achievement and it did really well, so back we shall go.

There really is nothing like the original series, where even the opening sequence (seen below) doesn't get the slightest lick of a budget -- where the trio's boat looks like it's traveling in a fishtank before landing next to a dinosaur finger puppet. But that's the charm, and as cool as FX dinos are, I can't help but wish that they'd gone the spoof angle and made it all as ridiculous and hand-made as the original. Maybe next time.

Hit the jump to watch the video and an extra treat featuring Jake Gyllenhaal's rockin' ode to Land of the Lost in Bubble Boy.