I have appalling taste in music. It's so appalling that my sister once promised she'd play Duran Duran's Rio at my funeral, and I don't really let anyone look at my CD collection or at my iPod playlists. It's also a terribly small collection -- apparently, the price for owning so many movies and comics is that I never get around to finding new music.

But there's one category I absolutely revel in, and that's cheesy film music. More specifically, I love almost all of those power ballads that once graced the closing credits, montages, or love scenes, or every other scene of Rocky IV. Such rocking, aching, big-haired music is pretty much extinct in movie soundtracks these days, having taken its last gasps with Celine Dion, Evanescence, and Bryan Adams. I don't think that's a bad thing. The enjoyment I take in them is largely retro anyway -- I like remembering the preteen who was convinced she was the only one who would ever have Everything I Do (I Do It For You) at her wedding. (Hey, I was 12, and I grew out of it!)

So, seeing as it's Monday and we're smack in the middle of blockbuster season (and it was always the big budget movies that could recruit Cheap Trick and Jon Bon Jovi), let's confess our favorites to one another. No judging, no mocking, just total appreciation for the stuff that's still playing on an endless, easy-listening radio loop. Who knows -- maybe it'll inspire you to make a cheesy iPod playlist of your own.

To get you started, I've embedded one that was mentioned quite a bit in the comments last week, inspiring me to write this one, and that's Clannad's I Will Find You. It was a sad day for Celtic / Irish themed movies when Clannad stopped writing echo-filled Gaelic tunes for them. Check it out after the jump ...
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