You probably haven't heard of Wolf Productions, a small company out of Provo, Utah, run by filmmaker Stephen Groo. But if the trailers and demo reels on the firm's website are any indication, you might soon be hearing a lot about them -- probably in the same breath as Troll 2 and The Room and other holy-crap-can-you-believe-how-BAD-this-is? movies.

Groo has made a handful of feature-length films, along with several trailers for potential projects and multiple music videos, developing a cult following in the process. A correspondent of mine in Provo says local bands have started approaching him to make their videos because they want them to turn out as "awesome" (i.e., terrible) as Groo's other work. He graduated from Brigham Young University's film program, by the way, alongside Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess.

What's magical about Groo's films -- which range from sci-fi to comedy -- is that every single element of every single one of them is done badly, and it goes beyond simply having a shoestring budget. I mean, bad acting is bad acting. And letting a 10-second conversation run on for 30 seconds because lousy editing has left two-second pauses between each line of dialogue is ... well, it's hilarious for a while, and then it's annoying.
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