In these dark days of economic angst and international tensions, I figured what the world needs right now ... is another blog about horror movies. So here it is:! Mangled offspring of Cinematical and Moviefone (and splattery sibling to the newborn, Horror Squad comes into the world with only one thing in mind: the celebration of the horror genre. The good, the bad, the awesome, and the execrable. Of course I'm well aware that there are several popular horror sites out there (check the blogroll on the left side), but I don't see this as a "competition." Indeed I'll be relying on Shock, Dread, Fango, Bloody-D, and the smaller blogs to keep up their excellent output, because without their hard work, we'd have almost nothing to talk about!

But of course you can expect a great deal of original content, trailer commentary, DVD information, retrospective analyses, amusing interviews, and all sorts of horror-centric fun. One asset in our corner is the excellent Cinematical staff, which means Horror Squad will be rather packed with articles from Cinematical and its own collection of original pieces. (We'll also be taking "requests" soon! Is there a horror topic you want covered? Let us know!) You'll no doubt notice that most of our current articles are transplanted from mother ship Cinematical, but hey, today's only our first day! The goal is to make Horror Squad a bit more loose and laid-back than Cinematical, but we're still committed to A) quality content, B) professional behavior, and C) an almost-sickening obsession with movies. More specifically, horror movies.

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