I could never get enough of The A-Team as a kid, because, well, it was one of those shows that was so much better than the damned cartoons everyone else watched. Because of that, I've been keeping a close eye on the whole A-Team remake through its many incarnations. (Catch up here.)

I was pretty psyched in the beginning of the year, all because of the excellent reader suggestions. Jason Lee or Sam Rockwell as Murdock? Both sounded so splendid that I don't think anyone could compete with these choices -- pure perfection. George Clooney as Hannibal? Yes, please. Brad Pitt as Face? Why not? They're not all hugely original choices, but it's quite easy to see each actor sliding into the action-packed world with a sarcastic smile on their faces.

But the casting isn't going according to our early hopes. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Bradley Cooper is in talks to play Face. Cooper is far from a terrible choice, but it just doesn't have that magic. Surprisingly, I say the same for the other casting notice: Variety reports that -- believe it or not -- Liam Neeson is in talks to play Hannibal. I love the guy, but in this instance, my brain just keeps shouting: "No!"

Maybe there's a brilliance to this that I haven't latched onto yet, but as it stands, it all sounds like a misfire. But what do you think? Is Joe Carnahan onto something with Cooper and Neeson, or do you have better choices?
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