Wouldn't you know it? The week my beloved horror blog opens its door ... and I'm sick. Not that pesky sort of sick that just annoys you as you mope through the day, but the dizzy, sweaty, exhausted, hungry-but-nauseous sort of sick that just makes you want to smack an innocent bystander. Just because they have the audacity to not be sick.

And so that explains why Horror Squad has been slow on the start. Or maybe you didn't notice. Perhaps I'm just so used to managing the always-moving Cinematical that I don't know how to chill out and down-shift my gears for the horror blog. Anyway, if you're looking for "comfort movies" that will make you feel a little better when you're ill, then just click here and here. This article is (I just decided) is about horror movies you probably shouldn't watch when you're sick.

Any flick in which a bunch of people get massacred in a hospital ... not a great idea. Worst case scenario is you have to actually visit a hospital, and then you'll be obsessing over Halloween 2, Autopsy, Visiting Hours, Hospital Massacre, or Infection. That's no fun.

If you're having skin problems, stay away from Cabin Fever, The Incredible Melting Man, and key scenes from Poltergeist and Raiders of the Lost Ark. And stop scratching that pimple! Stomach ache? Don't watch The Thing! Headache? Definitely steer clear Scanners. (Better yet, if you're ill, you should simply avoid all pre-1987 Cronenberg, just to be safe.) And lord help you if you're a pregnant lady who sits down with Rosemary's Baby, Inside, or Grace.

But I know I'm missing a ton of titles here: What are some of your favorite medical-style horror flicks?
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