Hey, now I can care about a Y: The Last Man movie again! (Harsh, but true -- I cannot tell a lie.) After months of being linked to D. J. Caruso's adaptation, Shia LaBeouf is apparently uninterested in taking the titular role.

LaBeouf told Wizard that it's too similar to his Transformers character. "You take Sam and you put a monkey on his shoulder. "I don't know if it's that big a differential. It seems like he's the ordinary guy in an extraordinary situation again. I'm not willing to make that movie currently, and may be too old to play the role by the time it does come around."

That's fine by me, although if there was a role written for LaBeouf, it was this one. Now, I'm only at the third volume (I never seem to have cash on me when I find the trades), so he may grow up and change, but on the outset Yorick is a rather immature and arrogant sort of guy. He's essentially Mutt Williams -- if Mutt was crossed with James "Sawyer" Ford's ability to drop pop culture references every two seconds. But to me, that sort of character needs a young actor who can really make him likeable under the slick smugness ... and LaBeouf isn't that guy for me. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is (though he's a little too far into his 20s), as is Daniel Radcliffe. There's a 20-something out there just dying to have a meaty, sci-fi story like this, and I will embrace him when he's cast ... unless its Zac Efron, in which case I will make a formal apology to LaBeouf.

[via Superhero Hype]
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