For those who missed our first post, Ship Clips is a sometimes-daily feature that celebrates our favorite moments from film and TV that happened to take place on a ship of some kind. Obviously there are a number of different avenues to travel down -- with some being more serious than others -- but for my second trip around the block, I had to give a shout out to this hilarious Mel Brooks comedy that spoofed Star Wars mainly, but also the science fiction genre in general. We love you Spaceballs!

In this ship clip, Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis in one of his great roles) instructs his two henchmen to use the ship's VCR to scroll back through the film to try to get an upper hand. It's one of my favorite scenes, and although it doesn't exactly highlight the ship in all its spoofed-up glory (with the exception of its handy VCR station), it's still a great ship clip and I'm sure you'll agree ... I hope.

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Discuss: Are we due for another Star Wars-type spoof? And if so, who should we trust with such an important task?
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