I'm a little guilty (but perhaps no more than our own Jeff Anderson) of writing too many posts about Clint Eastwood lately, but seeing as Gran Torino comes out on DVD today, and it's slow on news, it's time for a blast from the past. Sure, we could post a clip focused on his iconic sneer and handiness with a gun, but I think his last role deserves to be celebrated by watching his embarrassing first. Take heart, up and coming actors, because everyone starts somewhere.

Look at him, all young and squeaky, with Inspector Callahan and the Man with No Name not even a glimmer in his eye. This is how you know that destiny plays some part in the mess that is Hollywood moviemaking, because he really should have been handed nothing but screwball comedies after this. (Not that he didn't try slapstick at least one more time -- watch The Witches if you haven't already.) Thank goodness for Rawhide, and for demanding a low enough salary that Sergio Leone hired him over just about everyone else he wanted. The rest is history, a fistful of Oscars, and a thousand cinematic homages.

If you want an extra laugh (and can put up with some YouTuber's annoying editing tricks), check out the MST3K version of Revenge, but the pure version is below the jump.