Hey geeks, did you hear? The reason this summer's films are rather sucky is because of us. At least, that's the suggestion put forth by The Guardian in their Terminator: Salvation bashing. In fact, their David Cox is hinting that our insatiable need for explosions, CG, and superheroes has stripped science-fiction of all its fresh, thought-provoking ideas.

How quickly the glories and gains of 2008 are forgotten, eh? One year, everyone is marveling at the treasure trove of solid filmmaking that Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse can inspire. They're coming out of the closet, fighting to be called a geek, and hailing The Dark Knight as something that made the lame walk and the blind see. But popularity is fickle. Now we're popcorn munching mouth-breathers who live with our parents, and dumb down cinema. If only we didn't exist, the world would have thought-provoking science fiction. The "others" that Cox is referring to would be gorging their intellects, whereas we would be playing video games and Dungeons and Dragons.

Now, as someone who writes under the geek banner every week, I'm forced into raising my hackles at what is really just sloppy generalization and name-calling. But it is a problematic backlash, and one that I've noticed gaining steam since X-Men Origins: Wolverine. We're to blame for hollow summer movies because we like Star Trek, guys named Logan, and Terminator flicks. If we didn't ask for the easily merchandized and digested, and get on the Internet to talk about them, bad movies wouldn't happen. Well, I hate to break it to you cultural watchdogs ... but you can't pin this one on us. You have failed to realize one thing ... we hated these movies more than you did.
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